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The Best PR You Can Get

Sometimes the best PR comes from an unexpected source – a helpful, well-informed, friendly parking lot attendant! I was on a business call with a client last week in Fort Worth. The day was chillier than I expected, and I had returned to the car for my sweater. The parking lot attendant called out to me that one of my car doors was open, blocked from locking by a seatbelt. She said she’d been watching the car to make sure it was safe until we returned. Then we mentioned we were going to lunch. She said, “Oh try, the Chop House down the street. They’ll validate your parking ticket.” Off we went to the Chop House.

I don’t know if the Chop House had briefed the area parking lot attendants, or if she’d heard it from other parkers, or dined at the Chop House herself. Regardless, it was a great day in the parking lot and a reminder that word-of-mouth is sometimes the greatest PR you can get.

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