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The Best Sales/Fundraising Lesson Ever

The best sales and fundraising lesson I ever received was during my first professional job out of graduate school. I was working in a one-person office, responsible for everything from filing IRS documents, to writing concert programs, to picking up guest artists at the airport. It was easy to get lost in everyday details.

But fundraising was one of my most important responsibilities. No money, no organization. A board member made that perfectly clear. He said, “Donna, no one’s going to care if the donor database system is in perfect order if you’re not out there meeting people and raising money.”

What an important lesson, and I took it to heart. Even though I know it’s not always true. I have had people notice when the donor database is not in perfect order, and consternation has ensued.

But, the bottom line is always “Get out there, meet people, tell the story, raise money, and make more sales”

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