Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIN cast in a new and doable light

Fabulous presentation by Fun City Social Media at the recent National Schools Foundation conference. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIN cast in a new and doable light. The company has loads of informative information on their website http://www.funcitysocialmedia.com

Love the patio at the new Gloria's location

Love the patio at the new Gloria’s location in Oak Cliff. The fire fountains with changing colored lights take a little getting used to. And, I must admit, I love almost any patio on a warm spring evening. Visit their website for hours, www.gloriasrestaurants.com.

Rooster (painted ones) in über Oak Cliff

Ray-Mel Cornelius is one of my favorite Dallas-based artists. Actually, he’s based in über-chic Oak Cliff, back from before it was über-chic. Same for me. I love his landscapes, and he seems to be as fond of chickens as I am. His website, www.raymelcornelius.com, features thumbnail images of lots [...]

Donna World - Loving all things Italian

Italian design details, fabric selections, and fit  by La Via 18, a sister company to the famous Italian design house, Piazza Sempione.  These dresses fit me!  Always a big plus, and they offer Italian luxuries at a more moderate price, ESPECIALLY (and in my case ONLY) if you buy on sale.  The line is [...]

Cold Weather Legs

Commando legwear (otherwise known as tights) are wonderful. The waistband’s not too tight and the stocking part feels smooth. Very comfortable, more than most tights I’ve worn. Widely available online.