Donna Fashion

A Highly Idiosyncratic Guide to Dallas Fashion.

These are Donna World recommendations, based on my personal experience, or on a few occasions, my friends’ recommendations.

Bling Bling

Robbins Brothers, The Engagement Ring Store
14080 Dallas Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75240
I haven’t carrried one of these beautiful rings home yet, but one of my friends has a gorgeous pink diamond ring. I covet it, not so secretly.

Legwear (Otherwise known as Tights)

These tights are wonderful. The waistband’s not too tight and the stocking part feels smooth. Very comfortable, more than most tights I’ve worn. Widely available online.

Local Jewelry

Artisan’s Collective
410 North Bishop Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208
I love their jewelery. They also have paintings, sculpture, woodwork, and textiles.


Anything by Serge Luten, my favorite is Datura noir. Available locally at Barney’s at NorthPark or you can buy online.


Lou Lou
4417 Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas 75225
There’s a pair of red platform shoes in my closet I’m especially fond of from Lou Lou.